Sergiu Celibidache's Garden - Serge Ioan Celebidachi

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Sergiu Celibidache's Garden - Serge Ioan Celebidachi
Serge Ioan Celebidachi - Sergiu Celibidache's Garden Grafik

Sergiu Celibidache's Garden

Serge Ioan Celebidachi

Genre: Dokumentarfilme

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Erscheinungsdatum: 23.04.2014

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An intimate portrait of the world famous and revered classical conductor and composer Sergiu Celibidache. This ambitious docu-drama follows the maestro through rehearsal with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and on tour. The film crew’s main objective was to recreate Celibidache’s universe and although he usually avoided publicity, he made himself extremely available for the film. Indeed, the team were able to shoot over one hundred hours of Super 16mm film and record more than two hundred hours of digital audio. The ambition of “Sergiu Celibidache’s Garden” had a simple but intimidating objective: to re-establish and celebrate the old love affair between cinema and classical music by presenting to the public a man that was as simple as he was brilliant. From the beginning, “Sergiu Celibidache’s Garden” was planned in film terms by using simple and sophisticated shots to tell the story of a man who revolutionised the world of classical music. A film on a man and his passion, a film on music and its extremes, a film on something that burns inside each one of us: “The spark of eternity”.

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